How do I play GEM TD,
First we just have to put 5 gems but we can only choose one of 5 pieces of gems that emerge which will remain a form of gem and the rest will be turned into stone,
Once we choose will appear creep past
After that you need to do is upgrade the chance gem that will appear at each level,

which is located in the middle of the arena, so the opportunity for the emergence of gem that higher level becomes larger, and you should know the appearance of creep is a 4-level flying at all

combine yours gems and yours gems will be strong
B: answer
A: what kind combination of GEM?
B: There are two kind of Gem, and and different gem
A: what kind of gem combinations?
B: combination of a kind Gem is combining two or four gems that have the same type and same level so that will make the gem to increase one level with the same type
Chipped ruby + Chipped Ruby = Ruby flawed
Ruby + Flawed Ruby = Ruby flawed
Ruby + Ruby = flawless ruby
Flawless Flawless Ruby = Ruby + Perfect Ruby
Perfect Ruby + Perfect Ruby = Great Ruby
A: what is a combination of different Gem?
B: Gem of different combinations is a gem blends with different types and will make a new gem that will never emerge from the five gems that appear in each level, and for the record

1. You can not be arbitrary to combine gem as to create a new gem, gem, as the material needs and materials has been defined as a prescription
Here is the recipe

Black Opal = Perfect opal + flawles diamond + Aquamarine

Paraiba Tourmaline = Perfect aquamarine + flawless opal + flawed aquamarine+ flawed emerald

Pink diamond = Perferct diamond + Topaz + diamond

Star ruby = flawed ruby + chipped ruby + amethyst

Yellow saphire = perfect saphire + flawles ruby + flawless topaz

Gold = Perfect Amethyst + flawless Amethyst + flawed diamond